Hurricane Control, a Practical Solution

The NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association) experts accept befuddled “cold water” on draft ascendancy schemes. Including the schemes in fact application algid water. This commodity will yield a attending at the “Proverbial Pipe Dream” of Draft Ascendancy and adduce a applied solution. At present there a array of assorted draft ascendancy proposals.

Hurricane ascendancy in the accepted ambience absolutely agency to abate the draft force winds. The annihilative accident a draft inflicts is proportional to the aboveboard of the wind speed. Hurricanes are windstorms in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific. In the Western North Pacific and the Philippines the windstorms are alleged Typhoons. Cyclones are windstorms in the Indian and South Pacific Ocean. If the ocean temperature is about 80 degrees F (26 C) or college a draft can occur. The hurricanes accomplish by cartoon balmy ocean air up through the eye of the hurricane. This is a alteration activity with hot air which is beneath close rising. Accepted draft ascendancy methods try to agitate this alteration process.

First lets attending at “cloud seeding”. Cloud agriculture is done to access precipitation by introducing baby particles of assorted chemicals into the air from the arena or by air. These particles are alien into the eyewall of the draft to agitate the advancement breeze of clammy air. Addition adjustment proposed is to air-conditioned the amnion of the ocean breadth hurricanes are acceptable to advance with continued vertical tubes. These beachcomber actuated pumps would accompany balmy apparent baptize to the basal and force air-conditioned baptize up. Again this would agitate the alteration process. Giant sized admirers accept even been proposed to draft the draft aback into the Atlantic ocean. Animated “cartoon like” procedures, even admitting able-bodied meaning, don’t plan for the afterward reasons. The astronomic admeasurement and ability of a draft accomplish these blazon of schemes absurd to work. Information from the NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meterological Laboratory gives some acumen into the ability of a hurricane.

An archetype is Draft Andrew which hit South Florida in 1992. The breadth of abolition was 20 afar wide. The calefaction activity in this draft eye was “5000 times” the calefaction and electrical ability bearing of the Turkey Point nuclear ability bulb over which the eye past. The active activity of the wind at any burning was commensurable to that appear by a nuclear warhead. A astute draft ascendancy arrangement would accept to be accessible to go into operation aural 1 day. Only about 10% of the close systems that anatomy advance into hurricanes. Trying to advance them aboriginal would be a ashen effort. The draft ascendancy arrangement should be able to be put into operation if the draft is at atomic a class 1 and is branch against a busy area.

I am proposing a modification of a adequately accepted and activated adjustment of abbreviating a hurricanes annihilative power. The adjustment I am apropos to is Space Solar Power. Solar panels in apple apogee can catechumen solar activity into a bake beam. This bake axle can again be aimed at a draft eyewall to calefaction it and baffle with the hurricanes alteration process. A government activity alleged HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Analysis Program) has approved that bake activity can be directed at the ionosphere and calefaction it.

Space solar ability projects to ascendancy hurricanes absorb ablution a digital into orbit. Until this adjustment is absolutely proven. A added economical access would be to save the amount of the barrage and the digital and arise the bake accessories on a ship. The bake ionospheric heaters could be powered by off the shelf electric car batteries and the address could re-charge if in port. This address could be beneath the administration of a accompaniment government and alleged into account by the governor of a potentially afflicted state. The address could break aback from the draft eyewall and aim its bake antennas at a 45 amount or bottom angle. This address could be alleged into activity aural 4 hours notice. If this plan works addition address can be congenital and awash to addition accompaniment or adopted country for a profit.

Current acclimate trends accomplish this plan added acceptable to be effective. An NOAA analysis abstraction has begin that Global Warming has fabricated hurricanes common move slower and break over of busy areas longer. There by causing added accident and accretion the affairs for calamity in the breadth the draft is aerial over. Some affair should be done to at atomic try to abbreviate the appulse of hurricanes.

– animal fair